Lets get right down to it….

 I don’t have time to waste and I doubt you do either.

Now you will want to read this entire page (with pictures – and a video) to understand why I feel this way.

To start, I believe life is too short, and too precious, to waste worrying about things you can’t control. Instead, I focus on spending time doing activities that provide me with value doing things that create lasting memories and sends positive energy to everyone around me. I encourage others to do the same.

Professionally, I am first and foremost a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This means I help families and businesses protect and grow their wealth. My clients work with me because they tell me that they feel I understand them and their goals while they trust I have the experience and knowledge to help them make the right decision regarding their wealth.

If you feel uncertain about your current financial situation, contact me. Let’s have a conversation to see where you are at and how to make your life better.

I work my financial planning business through Decision Tree Financial which I started in 2009.

In a nutshell, I personally believe in taking calculated risks to get a head and believe the best “bet” is in myself and opportunities I understand and enjoy and not spending a lot of time trying to figure out an investment where I have no control over (like what stock is going to go higher than all the others.) So if you are not happy with your investment person and are looking for someone to pick better stocks, I am not your guy although my clients are extremely happy with the way I help them position their passive investment portfolios.

That being said, I always looking for ways to protect what I already have because I don’t want to go backwards and I encourage my clients to adapt the same philosophy and help them to implement strategies and systems to do just this. Not just in stocks, but in all the financial aspects of their lives.

Why I am a Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Life Underwriter®.

In a past life I worked in the engineering field providing services to power plants, paper mills and oil refineries all over the North America. I eventually moved to Orlando where I became an application specialist for Vivendi working with organizations such as Disney, NASA and Lockheed Martin providing them with high purity water treatment solutions. 

In addition, I also started several stores to take advantage of the boom in wireless phone service. I invested ALL of the money I had made in the stock market during the 1990’s and was working all day, everyday for a couple years.

At the beginning of 2003, I left my job and the six-figure income I was making in order to focus on my stores. 

When I left Vivendi, I figured that I could get through anything if I just worked hard enough. I was 31 and had all the energy in the world. I did acquire health insurance when I left but I did not replace all of the other benefits the company gave me as their employee. Honestly I am not even sure I knew there were any others since I had never died, had an accident, been diagnosed with a major illness or became disabled.

This turned out to be a really bad plan….

In late January, I went to the doctor because I found a lump in my neck and I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Because I never considered what would happen if I couldn’t work 20 hour days the consequences of my diagnosis and the its treatment caused my businesses to fail. I lost everything I had at that point with nothing in place to replace my income while I received chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The agony of losing everything while my body was beaten down by an aggressive treatment plan that caused me to start asking What could I have done differently; what could I have done better.”

This experience brought me to the insurance industry where I started with MetLife when that treatment was over and eventually started Decision Tree Financial. I have since been an advocate of taking calculated risks, examining the upside and downside of various financial decisions and putting a plan in place to remain flexible and financially strong when uncontrollable situations arise.

Florida Hospital Orlando March 2016.

“That” treatment plan from 2003 didn’t come without its own set of consequences though. In 2015 I started having trouble swallowing. I went to the doctor in January 2016 and I was diagnosed with a much more aggressive esophageal cancer that had spread into my stomach.

Like anybody would, I googled my diagnosis and saw that I had a very low probability of surviving. Emotionally it was devastating. I had a 1 year old and another child due in May!

Luckily, I had a pretty good financial planner (myself) who suggested a few years earlier that I purchase the insurances I would need IF anything like an accident or illness occurred.

I knew medically that I would have an uphill battle but I knew that while I fought I wouldn’t have to worry about money like I had in 2003 while also having peace of mind knowing that if i had lost the battle to the disease then my kids would be taken care financially.

Of course, I am still here. My doctors say that my recovery is a “miracle” I just say it was a great medical team, wheat grass and maybe a little luck….

Kevin Wenke Olean NY

May 2018 after a walk along the Allegany River in Olean NY.

This is why I personally do not have time to waste. I want to enjoy my life and do things that make myself and others happy.

I attract clients who share this same belief. I love to hear about their story and what they want out of life and I work with them to create a plan to get them there.

It is professionally satisfying for me to hear my clients say things like “I didn’t know that you could do that” or “so that is how that works.” I know that when they say phrases like this they can see that they will have more time to do what they want to do and have less likelihood of spending time and money on situations they would rather not be wasting their time with.

Learn more about what a Certified Financial Planner™ and a Chartered Life Underwriter is here.

I am based in Florida but work with clients all over The United States who are referred to me by others that have enjoyed working with me.  Some  find me in searches on the internet.