Everything I do looks to impact people in a positive way. I ask “why” things are the way they are in order to look for better ways to accomplish objectives that are easier to manage, more efficient, less risky, less time consuming and more profitable for myself and the people who follow my guidance.”

I am a Certified Financial Planner.

However, I am not like most of the financial planners you will run into in your community. I do not charge people for investment advice. I do not sell people investment products either. I am a former securities representative and former investment advisor. “Former” because I gave up my licenses and can no longer charge you for financial advise. Instead I show you what I do with my money so that you can do the same if you wish. I did this because I realized the investment advice I was giving to my clients when I worked for Wall Street firms was mediocre at best, definitely overpriced and “fragile” for sure. I believe the products and services stock brokers and investment advisors provide are designed to maximize the profits for people like my former self and the firms who held their licenses while minimizing their own risk; not as much their clients.

I’m not going to tell you that I’m a stock picking oracle or that I have an uncanny ability to break the next economic collapse either. I know that if I did that you would eventually find out that I am a charlatan just like all the other ones who claim to have this ability.

What I can do is help you get organized with your money so that you understand where you are today and help you design the future you want to be in.

I can show you how to invest on your own and “beat the market” over the long term in less than an hour a year! You don’t need to spend countless hours researching stocks and trying to do something that is virtually impossible. You just have to have a system that works that you can manage.

This will save you $100’s of thousand if not $1,000,000’s over your lifetime.

I can show you how to reallocate you money so that it is providing you with products and services that will truly protect your interests so that you are always moving forward, always getting the best value and doing more of what you want to do when you want to do it.

I can help you to think differently about the way money works, show you how to organize your finances in a way where they are coordinated so you are taking the least amount of risk to receive the best possible return. I believe that when people start looking at the world through a different lens, one that isn’t put in front of them by those who look to profit off of their behavior, they can have more abundance in their own lives.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people.

My knowledge and my insights have allowed me to teach others at some fantastic institutions. The University of Central Florida had me teach my 10-hour course on “How to Create a Successful Retirement” as part of their adult education program. NASA had me teach that same class at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida to their employeees when the Space Shuttle program ended and those employees were attritioning out into retirement.

If you feel something isn’t right with the way your personal financial plan is working, know that even “rocket scientists” have had comments like, ‘I didn’t know that was possible’ and ‘so, that’s how that works….’

I have worked in a number of other businesses as well.

Before I became a financial planner, I traveled around the United States providing water treatment services to power plants, paper mills, oil refineries, computer chip and pharmaceutical plants. I even provided the treatment system for Shamu’s tank at Sea World as well as all the water for the Space Shuttle, Boing and Lockheed Martin rockets at Kennedy Space Center.

I have owned small businesses that sealed driveways, sold cell phones and computers with a goofy TV commercial as well as a company that sells fractional jets.

It was when I lost everything in 2003 that I started in the financial business. To learn more about my story click here.