My (8) module course teaching you how to develop your own successful financial plan will be available soon.

In it you will learn the secrets of:

  • How Money Is Created and Destroyed
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Debt Management
  • Reducing Your Taxes
  • Increasing Your Investment Returns
  • Decreasing Your Potential Investment Losses
  • Insurances to Have and Insurances to Avoid
  • Estate Planning

This course is modeled after the one I used to teach at The University of Central Florida and NASA.

When you sign up and take these courses you will also receive:

  • An Interactive Workbook with Exercises to Help You Understand How Each Topic Applies to You!
  • A 1-Hour Coaching Session to Discuss Your Financial Situation with Me!
  • A Lifetime Membership to My MasterMind Group to Help You Increase Your Wealth.

The Introductory Price of this Course is $249.00 if you sign up before its launch on January 1, 2018. After it launches, the price will increase to $579.00!

Also, enroll now and you will also receive absolutely free:

  • My Money Making Investment Tool that tells you exactly what stocks to buy and invest like the pros
  • My (2) Books “Comfort Investing” and “Why I Hate Stocks For Retirement.”

110% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after taking more course then I will refund 100% of your money back to you no questions asked. If you are not satisfied after you take the course, take advantage of my 1-hour coaching session AND you go through my comprehensive planning process,then I will refund 110% of your courses cost!

In a way what I am saying is that I guarantee you that you will make or save money when we agree to work together!

To sign-up, contact me here and let me know you are interested in my course.