Investing with the odds in your favor requires a unique approach!

stock market casinoThe stock market is been compared to a casino and everyone knows that the way to win in a casino is “to be the house.”

Yet your wealth is probably positioned more like a gambler. You are probably:

  1. All in” all of the time. If you have any money on the side then long term you are reducing your returns.
  2.  You are being leveraged – Casino’s leverage their betters to make money and the investment industry leverages their customers account values to generate fees and earn them billions regardless of whether or not those customers make money.

You invest in the stock market because you have been told that it has always gone up over time and everybody seems to do it. It is the convenient thing to do.

So you invest on faith it will continue to increase. Maybe you do it on your own, maybe you hire someone to help. Regardless, you are forced to tolerate the drops the stock market experiences without knowing when it will reach the bottom and if it will bounce back quickly because you don’t know a better way…..